Our sustainability approach covers environmental and social sustainability, as well as good governance (ESG). Our sustainability goals impact our business and operations through our code of conduct, company policies and guidelines. We are also currently applying for ISO 9001, 45001 ja 14001 certifications.

For us, sustainability also means transparent communication about our development. We established a company-level sustainability program and targets. While we have a lot of work ahead of us, we are committed to systematically progressing our sustainability efforts and building impactful, measurable and credible results already in the near future.

Vastuullisuus ja turvallisuus Alltimella
Vastuullisuus ja turvallisuus Alltimella


Operating in a vehicle-intensive industry, we understand our responsibility in building a carbon neutral future. We believe that operating more efficiently and investing in new software, working tools and equipment is paramount in taking forward our environmental sustainability. Reducing the emissions of our vehicle fleet, equipment and facilities has the greatest impact in reducing our carbon footprint. However, we consider our full value chain (Scopes 1-3) when measuring it.

Social sustainability

Our people are one of the focus areas of our strategy. It is important to us to provide a safe working environment and equipment for everyone. We actively develop our supervisors’ leadership skills and strive to create a workplace valuing well-being, safety and personal development. We require equal, inclusive and respectful treatment of our employees, which we believe will also help improve our employee experience and develop stronger team work.


Our business needs to be profitable, competitive and constantly developing also in the future. By ensuring profitability and long-term development, we can make a positive impact on society by providing stable employment and career opportunities. Alltime Group is committed to prevent corruption, bribery and tax evasion. We are also committed to the UN Global Compact initiative and live by these fundamental human rights, ethical work life, environmental and anti-corruption into account in our operations.


Our goal is for every one of our employees to be able to return home safely each day. Safety is a basic value to us, but also an important business driver. Personnel wellbeing and sick leaves have a direct impact on our operational performance. This is another reason why it is important for us to ensure a fair, safe, healthy and well led working environment, based on the shared responsibility of the employer and the employee.

Pursuing zero accidents is our most central safety target. By routinely following the development and root causes of accidents and near misses, we can measure and develop our safety culture. We measure our development also through regular personnel well-being surveys.

You can confidentially bring up any suspicions of unethical behavior through our Whistleblowing channel.
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