Alltime’s primary shareholder is MB Funds, a Finnish private equity company. MB Funds acquired the majority share of Alltime’s ownership in late 2021. In addition, key employees are minority owners in the company. MB Funds seeks to build sustainable growth in its companies and create responsible profits to its owners.

Group Leadership Team

Juha Murtopuro
Group CEO
Mika Rihtilä
Group CFO
Jaana Mäntymaa
Chief People Officer
Antti Kalske
Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer

Finland Country Leadership Team

Jussi Virtanen
Director, Property and cleaning services, Finland
Juha Vaara
Lapland, Property and cleaning services
Henna Uutela
Director, Quality
Ville Komulainen
Director, Infrastructure Services, Finland
Antti Sappinen
Director, Waterway Infrastructure Services, Finland

Board of Directors

Kimmo Vanne
Chairman of the Board
Ilkka Kortelainen
Board member
Anssi Mattila
Board member

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